Space instrumentation

NOMAD (Nadir and Occultation for MArs Discovery)

Mission: ExoMars-TGO (ESA)
Target: Martian atmosphere

NOMAD is a 3-channel spectrometer.

Status: ExoMars-TGO has entered (19 October 2016) an elliptical orbit around Mars; acquiring first data for instrument checking. Scientific mission will star at the end of 2017.
Launch date: 2016-03

GIADA (Grain Impact Analyser and Dust Accumulator)

Mission: Rosetta Mission (ESA)
Target: Comet 67 P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Dust flux measurement for "direct" and "reflected" grains.

Status: Scientific mission completed.
Launch date: 2004-03

BELA (BEpi Colombo Laser Altimeter)

Mission: BepiColombo (ESA)
Target: Mercury

Planetary laser altimeter system for Mercury.

Status: Currently working on analyzing test data from the BELA Qualification Model.Preparing delivery of Flight Model
Launch date: 2018-04
First light: 2024


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