Data processing software

Lines of work and specialization

  • Control Software development for either ground-based telescopes or rocket-, balloon-, and space-borne astronomical payload instrumentation. This area covers all the phases involved in the software development of a scientific instrument from scratch till its de-commissioning.
    (Low level and user applications development for telescope and instrument control).
  • Development of Flight software for different processor boards (FPGAs, DSPs, 80C32,…), devices (EEPROM, 1553, Spacewire,…), and development of Instrument Control SW (instrument operational sequences, monitoring and control, data processing,…). It also covers Data Handling SW (PUS TM/TC services), mechanisms (motors) control SW, experiments control SW and any type of embedded real-time SW, following the ECSS standards.
  • Astronomical data processing: development and implementation of pipeline systems for automatic reduction of astronomical data.
  • Astronomical data archiving: development and implementation of astronomical data archives and Virtual Observatory (VO) applications.
  • Graphical user interfaces for instrument control (GUI).
  • Supervision and maintenance of the control equipments in an astronomical observatory.
  • Compilers design a implementation. That work area investigates how to make small compiler and how to apply it on the software instrument.
  • Deductive fuzzy relational database. That area studies how to exploit the data obtained from a scientific instrument: storing them in a relational database and using fuzzy and deductive tools on them.

Instalations and equipment

  • Computing system and servers.

  • Software licenses. 


  • Consulting and techological support in software engineering, including the expertise described above.  

Some previous works

  • GIADA Fligh software (Rosetta mission).
  • IMaX Flight software (Sunrise mission).
  • NOMAD Flight software (ExoMars-TGO)
  • OSN Control system software and GUIs for telescopes and instrumentation. 
  • PANIC data reduction pipeline, Quick-Look, and Observation Tool 


Name Degree
García Segura, Antonio Jesús Tit. Medio
Gómez López, Juan Manuel Tit. Superior
Husillos Rodríguez, César Tit. Superior
Ibáñez Mengual, José Miguel Técnico Superior Especializado de OPIs
Morales Muñoz, Rafael Técnico Superior Especializado de OPIs
Passas Varo, María Tit. Superior
Pastor Morales, María del Carmen Tit. Superior
Sánchez Gómez, Antonio Tit. Superior